Carnation Wedding Flowers – Why not?

We recently did an absolutely AWESOME Carnation Wedding in Winnipeg for one of our lovely couples.  Over the years I’ve heard it said many times that florists just won’t do weddings with carnations.  Why Not?

The carnation is a flower that gets a bad rap in a lot of circles as being a cheap and somewhat insipid when put next to the other options available from your florist.  With flowers, it seems that beauty IS truly in the eye of the beholder.

In fact, carnations are said to be born or the tears of the Virgin Mary, and symbolize a mother’s undying love.  Probably why they are the official flower of Mother’s Day!  (Note to self:  Add more Carnations to the Mother’s Day Pages!)

Anyway, as with most flower arrangements I find that you will either love it or hate it.  What’s really cool about this arrangement isn’t the flowers that were used, more the overall contrast of colors and wonderful textures throughout.

Carnation Wedding FlowersCarnation Texture in Wedding Flowers


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