The Florist Blog – We’re Back!

Hello everyone!

I finally had a chance to log into The Florist Blog today and saw that it has been 67 days since our last blog post!  That is unacceptable by any standards I can think of!

A lot has been going on at Dragonfly Flowers.  We just finished the holiday season which includes, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Administrative Professionals Week, and Mother’s Day.  Our little shop has seen some fantastic growth, thanks to every one of our great customers, in Winnipeg and abroad for making Dragonfly Flowers on McPhillips your preferred Winnipeg Florist!

Some changes have happened during the past little while.  We are still working on completing our store branding initiatives, we have painted the store, and soon we will have our new signage up on both the store-front and on the street pylon, which we have never had before.

Stay tuned, I hope to blog about it all in the coming weeks!

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