Seven Oaks General Hospital: Well Wishes

Today I was researching some of the local organizations around Dragonfly Flowers on McPhillips, and came across a program from Seven Oaks General Hospital that I thought was really cool.  They call it  “Well Wishes“.

In a nutshell, its a quick internet based form where you add your name, some patient information, and a message to any patient in the hospital.  The message is then delivered by one of the many great volunteers to your friend or family member, free of charge.

How it Works

“Seven Oaks Hospital Volunteers deliver “Well Wishes” to patients on adaily basis (excluding weekends and holidays). Submit the informationbelow and our volunteers will receive the printed e-mail and handdeliver it to the patient. The system is designed for well wishes only.We cannot send outgoing replies from patients. E-mails intended toconduct personal business, containing questionable content orbusiness/vendor solicitations will be deleted from the system. Sendyour love through the Seven Oaks General Hospital “Well Wishes”program, and let your loved one know you are thinking about them.”

Of course, there are a few rules, but overall I think its a great idea!  Some times you don’t have the time to make it to the hospital for frequent visits, you have already ordered flower delivery to Seven Oaks Hospital, or you just want to get a quick note off to wish someone well and brighten their day.  if you got really creative, you could do a treasure hunt, I spy with my little eye, riddles, puzzles; all kinds of great stuff if you put your mind to it!



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