New Blog Application on Facebook

Check out the new BlogNetworks Application on Facebook.  It’s a great way to promote your blog to your friends and others on Facebook who might be interested in finding your blog.

Here is The Florist Blog page on Facebook/BlogNetworks:

Of course, this is a little different than the version you will see, but you get the idea.  As the author of the blog, you can invite others to join, move things around, and add some selections of your favorite blogs to promote in the “selected content” area of your site.

A Couple of Things About Getting Started with Blog Networks:

– You have to get 15 people to actually confirm that you are the author, before you can make too many changes on the site.

–  In order to get the blog feed going, you have to get 20 fans of your blog from your list of friends, or others on Facebook.

You can do a few other neat things you can do with Blog Networks:

– Add a widgit to your site to promote your own page, and give your interested readers links to the Blog Networks topics page for each keyword.  It lets people who may be interested in the keyword “florist” find other florist blogs on the network.

Blog Networks
The Florist Blog
florist, flowers,winnipeg
Join my network

–  Once you sign up, you get a list of all your favorite blogs in the Blog Network.  Help promote your friends blogs!

If you have a blog, maybe you will want to get on the Facebook Blog Networks application.  If you have friends with blogs in the network, become their fan, and help them promote their blog.

If you are a fan of Dragonfly Flowers or The Florist Blog, check out our Blog Networks page and become our fan.

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season!

Update:  Most of this has changed over to Networked Blogs, but you can still find this blog at the link above!



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