mCommerce Coming to Dragonfly Flowers

We’ve been working diligently to update our website over the past several months.  Our new florist website provider, Epic Flowers, brings us a host of new options and a much friendlier web presence.  One of the great tools provided by this system is mCommerce.

What is mCommerce?

Great question!  For starters, what exactly is mCommerce.  The definition from the Wiki is:

“Mobile Commerce is any transaction, involving the transfer of ownershipor rights to use goods and services, which is initiated and/orcompleted by using mobile access to computer-mediated networks with thehelp of an electronic device.”

So it’s basically you buy something using mobile access.  This definition can be expanded to talk about “True mCommerce”, which uses a site that is re-formatted for mobile use.  You may not have noticed it, but all of the big boys are on it!

Here are the standard sites for eBay and Amazon, and below that, the mobile versions, re-formatted for the iPhone.

So, why is this important to you?

If you have tried to do online shopping from local businesses through your smart phone, you have probably found the process to be less than desirable.  The reason is that most independent eCommerce sites are not capable of providing a truly mobile formatted page.  So, you end up zooming in, zooming out, and fumbling through the shopping cart process.  Mobile formatting changes all that.

Here are a couple of screen-shots of what the Dragonfly Flowers new mCommerce ready site will look like on iPhone.

Winnipeg Florist mCommerceWinnipeg Flowers mCommerce

Once you have chosen your arrangement, the cart process is extremely user friendly!  (Especially if you already have an account with us.

Celebrate the Day - Mobile FormatFresh Flowers Shopping Cart Winnipeg

While apps seem to be the latest craze, for a local Winnipeg Florist, it doesn’t really make much sense to create one, as the applciation is way too location specific.  So we chose a provider who gives us the ability to provide the same ease of use through this very powerful platform.

Every day we see more and more people coming into the store with their smart phones and saying, “Can I get this one”, and mobile shopping is on a steady rise.  We hope our new platform will make shopping for flowers in Winnipeg as easy as possible and continue our growth as Winnipeg’s Best Florists online.

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