Where Have All the Florists Gone?

I came across an interesting article that was posted on Wednesday in The Business Ledger, a Suburban Chicago newspaper entitled “Where have all the florists gone?”  It starts out with some very interesting stats:

– “There are 25% less florists now than there were a dozen years ago.”
– “There are more than 20,000 online floral websites.”
– “Supermarkets floral shops are taking business…(from independent florists)”

While any florist that is currently reading this blog is definitely aware of most of this, I didn’t realize that the numbers were actually so staggering!  I guess Dragonfly Flowers is one of the strange cases, in that we have only been open nearly four years and have been growing steadily ever since.  During that time we have seen several flower shops around slowly wither and die out.  I heard recently that a major floral chain has lost nearly 50% of their stores in Canada and are losing more every day.

I can’t say what these store are actually missing, but in an industry that is softening, some of the florists that were interviewed for the article had some great advice.

“You must concentrate on your intrinsic strengths”

Find a niche or two in the market and run with it.  Full out!  Weddings, Funerals and Corporate Accounts will always be areas where independent florists can shine.  The local florist is an expert in what they do and in these areas, the local florist will always be a hot commodity; sought after and desired.

“I don’t want my customers to be satisfied. Almost any outlet can give them that” 

The remaining successful local florists will put the customer first at every turn.  Independent florists only do one thing – they sell flowers!  Custom design, flexibility and being receptive to the customer’s needs is of utmost importance.  They also have the ability to throw a little something extra in for you.  No bar codes here!

Update:  The original article has been removed.


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