Welcome to The Winnipeg Florist Blog!

Hi!  And welcome to The Winnipeg Florist Blog!

I am happy to finally be starting a new blog that will hopefully be enjoyed by florists and online floral consumers alike.

Here I will be writing about my experiences with being both an online consumer and the fiancée of an independent, local Winnipeg florist.  I am hoping to provide some insight to consumers and florists about the way we have been able to develop our business model to succeed when so many other flower shops are going out of business due to increased competition and a changing marketplace.  I also hope to be able to help the consumer pick their way through the online jungle that the floral delivery business has created, and with any luck steer consumers in the right directions to make the right kind of online purchase.

Thanks for visiting!  I look forward to hearing from you!

Best regards,

Dragonfly Flowers

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