“The Florist” on iPhone

I came across “The Florist” for iPhone and thought I’d give the free version a try.

The application is designed to allow you to build a flower arrangement using images of individual flowers and greens to create a picture that you can send to someone.  At left is the opening screenshot from the iPhone.

Looks pretty simple and easy to use.

So we move on using the start button at left bottom.  There are a few templates to choose from, and I chose the one labelled “Keep Smiling.

From here you enter the template you have chosen and can go from there.  The image at right is the edit mode, where you can see across the top, that we have the option to add flowers, change the background color, and add some text.

Across the bottom, we can save the file, create new, mirror our chosen images, or rotate things from left to right.

I added a few flowers, rotated them and seem to have made quite a mess of their template.  I think for this to be effective as tool, you really have to want to do something unique, as the controls are somewhat clunky, but you can see what I was able to do in a few minutes.

Not exactly my best work to date, but I guess you can see the idea of what they were trying to accomplish with this application.  There is some more functionality that seems to be available with the “Premium Version”, but when I click the link I get an error message.  Not really sure I see this becoming a top seller on iTunes, but I guess you never know.

I’ll give it about a 1.5 stars out of 5.

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