The Continuing Saga of the Not So Local Florist…

In my last post, I introduced you to an un-named phony local florist, who has recently started a Google sponsored listings campaign, under the guise of being local florists in many major Canadian cities.  Each with a local phone number prominently displayed on the first page of their “local” sites, and some with actual addresses.

Moving on to Wednesday’s Events:

Calling the “local” Winnipeg Florist

So, on Wednesday last week, I decided that it was time to try these local phone numbers for my favourite phony local florist.  As expected, when I called the first number for the florist in Winnipeg I heard a couple of clicks on the other end of the line, and was re-directed to a gentleman who answered the phone, “florist”.

He answered the phone quite normally, and I asked him if I could come down and see the flowers before sending them out.  He said, “Sure, not a problem, come on down.”  I asked what their address was, and found that he was located in Ottawa.

At that point, I said it was a little far for me, and I would have to use a different local florist, who is actually in Winnipeg.  (The 30 hour drive to Ottawa to visit this local Winnipeg florist was a bit much for me that day)

Calling the “local” Calgary Florist

Next, I decided to try the Calgary local phone number to be sure that what I thought was going on, was actually happening.

The gentleman answered the phone, (very politely) “florist”.  It was the same guy!!!

I think I will leave this one for now, and let you draw some of your own conclusions on customer value, phony / false advertising etc.  I hope this post will draw some comments regarding what we can do to get these charlatans off the web, out of our cities and with any luck out of business.

If you are a florist who is receiving orders through wire services from hustlers like this, think about how you are helping them and whether or not they are really helping your store and your clients.

There is great value in buying flowers directly from your local florist; Add in these middlemen who are cheating you out of your money through shady operations, and your value is reduced.

(I guess I kept ranting, didn’t I)  Oh well, please check out this link to the Florist Detectives to help you find a real local florist.

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