Survey Results: Ordering Flowers Online

Thanks to everyone who participated in our online survey about Ordering Flowers Online.

Below are graphs of some of the results we attained.

Something interesting in these results is that almost 30% of the respondents use their local florist’s web site to send flowers out of their area.  Depending on how your local florist forwards the request, you can lose a great deal of your order to wire transfer fees.  You should try to steer away from FTD and Teleflora and go with a florist that uses Florist 2 Florist from and you will get much better value from your order.

Over 80% of our respondents have ordered flowers online in the past and over 60% have done so within a year.  We hope that our readers have taken some time to read our blogs about ordering flowers online, and now know that the best way to order flowers online is through a local florist’s web site directly, and not through the standard wire services, and certainly not through one of the many order forwarding and affiliate companies who are increasingly spamming the online florist business.

Although those who filled out the survey we posted online will be somewhat Internet and computer savvy people, the results here show that most Internet florists are providing tools that make ordering flowers online easy to do.

We can see from the results here that most people only somewhat agree that they got what they paid for when they ordered flowers online.  Nearly 10% somewhat disagreed.  I would hope that in the future, we can have a 100% satisfaction rate of response to this question.  At Dragonfly Flowers, we do everything to make sure our online customers are served just as well as our walk in and corporate clients.

Most people seemed to be mostly happy with their online ordering experiences and it looks like most people will do it again.  We hope that when you order flowers online you have a good experience and get what you pay for.

I hope you found the results of our first survey from the florist blog interesting and informative.  We look forward to conducting more surveys in the coming months.

When ordering flowers in Winnipeg, you can count on Dragonfly Flowers on McPhillips to provide you with service, product and value that will exceed your expectations.

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