How to Find a Local Florist Online – Part 1

Continuing with some helpful tips for consumers; if you have ready my previous blogs, you will remember that the best way, BY FAR, to order flowers remotely is to contact a local florist.  There are 2 ways of doing this.  You can either search out a local florist’s web site, or you can call them directly.  While contacting them directly is certainly the best way to get a good deal and actually get what you pay for, finding a local florist’s web site and ordering directly from there is still a good option for all the point and clickers out there.

Listed below are a few of the ways that you might find a local florist online without getting hung up by the wire services:

1. Flowershop Network  
2. Yellowpages                or
3. Superpages                (Canadian version is now Yellowpages)
4. Organic Searches                (Not highly recommended)
5. Sponsored Searches           (Not recommended at all!)
The Best Place to Find a Local Florist: Flowershop Network

I am a huge fan of Flowershop Network.
In order to be a part of this group, you have to have a brick and mortar flower shop in the city you are advertising for and be able to fill the orders as per the pictures and descriptions on the site.  In fact, the only website that we currently have for our shop (Dragonfly Flowers on McPhillips in Winnipeg, Manitoba is from there.

Update:  Dragonfly Flowers can now be found here.

The site directs you to local florists only and provides a wide array of different products and services, just like the wire services and other world-wide sites.  A quick search for a “Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada” florist reveals several florists, and with plenty of information on the first search page to allow you to choose the one you want.

You can see the image above shows a great deal of information about Dragonfly Flowers on McPhillips.  A few key things to note about the listing:

1. It includes an actual Winnipeg address

2. It includes both a 1-800 number AND a local phone number to call.

3. It includes an actual street name in Winnipeg in the business name.

All of the things above will give you a good idea that you are going to be dealing with an actual florist and not a wire service or order taker that will be elevating your costs and reducing the value of the products.

I will discuss some of the other ways to find a local florist in my next blog.

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