Good Case for Finding a Local Professional Florist

We have talked about the benefits of finding a local professional florist quite often.  Today a fellow professional florist from Anaheim, CA came across an online flower consumer’s blog about the poor quality of flowers from called FTD FAIL.

The consumer, Chris from Tacoma, WA, received a mailer that included an advertisement from FTD florists for what looked like a beautiful arrangement.

FTD Holiday Savings




When he actually ordered the flowers, the reality of what arrived at his home was much different.

Here is a little of what Chris had to say about the wonderful arrangement he received:

“See the candy canes in the first arrangement? Notice how they’re nestled snugly within the thick mass of verdant flowers? I tried doing that with the arrangement we got, but it was really hard to hang them on thin air, so I gave up. And notice how the flowers in the ad are really pretty, and the ones we got are stupid? The only thing the flowers we got share with the ones in the ad is the rectangular vase, and it’s obviously not up to the task of holding the miserly arrangement shown above.”

Update: The original post has been removed.

You can read the rest of the post, FTD FAIL here.

Find a local professional florist online and preserve the value of your dollar.

While there are very many ways to order flowers online, it is always best to find an actual local professional florist to fill your order.  Professional retail florists specialize in creating beautiful flowers arrangements, and truly care about their customers.

You can usually order online from a local florist, or find their local phone number or 1800 number to call in your order and ensure that you get what you are paying for!

As always, when seeking a florist online, seek a local professional florist, when finding a florist in Winnipeg, find Dragonfly Flowers on McPhillips!

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