FTD is Competing with Local Florists!

I came across a blog today by Heidi at Eden Florist, that I thought was a notable discussion about how FTD is not good for the consumer or the florist.  Eden florist has been a member of the FTD services for almost 27 years, and announced today that they were ending that relationship for a number of reasons.

FTD is not good for the florist.

“FTD is COMPETING WITH LOCAL FLORISTS by selling directly to the consumer and advertising their offers to the same people they are trying to get to buy online! It doesn’t make sense to me. It causes confusion and in some cases discourse when the consumer thinks the local shop can offer the same product at the same price.  They need to change how they market to the public if they want to keep other shops from jumping ship.”

FTD is not good for the consumer.

“Online floral purchasers are much more savvy these days and know how important it is to connect with the people who will be taking care of their floral needs. This all means we have room to give more value…”

You can read the entire blog posting here. (Update:  This blog apparently doesn’t exist anymore)

The article says many things about both FTD and between the lines, I believe it makes a point about wire services in general.  The addition of the middle man, and in most cases the middle man being in a position of power over the independent local florist, creates both reduced value for the customer and reduced profits for the florist.

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