FSN President Brock Atwill Discusses Ordering Flowers Online on Lifetime Television

At Dragonfly Flowers, we have always been big supporters of FlowerShopNetwork.com  and the value it provides to both the consumer and our flower shop when consumers want to order flowers online, or find a local florist to call.

On October 9th, FlowerShopNetwork.com president Brock Atwill had the opportunity to discuss ordering flowers online on The Balancing Act, on Lifetime Television.

Atwill discussed the benefits of finding a local flower shop when ordering flowers online and also mentioned some of the pitfalls that people face when searching for a quality local florist.

“…There are businesses out there who pose as a local florist, when in reality, they may be a call center that’s 1000 miles away…We take the guesswork out of it and verify that it is a true local florist” – Atwill

Update:  It appears that the video is no longer available.


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