Email to Google: Fraudulent Adwords Content

I wasn’t planning on getting this deep into Online Florist Advertising at this early stage of my blogging, but the more have learned about the online floral market along the way, I realize just how shady and underhanded this market can be online.  Google’s market share demands that they take responsibility for this ongoing problem, and weed out the bad ads from their sponsored links.  I believe that changes to Google’s Adwords content recently are definitely giving the consumer more relevant content for their click, which should be commended, but it’s time they went even further.

Below is an email I sent to Google this morning seeking information on the subject from them on the subject.  I have had some difficulty finding information regarding this situation online, where Google’s policy is concerned.

Email to Google:

To Whom It May Concern:

I am researching Google’s stance on, and efforts to eliminate Fraudulent Adwords Contentspecifically for the floral industry.  I have been running a successful Adwords campaign for 4 years now for our local flower shop.  I have only recently started doing more in depth research into Adwords and campaign management because I have started several other online businesses and have started blogging about the subject.

I have read a great deal recently about fraudulent Adwords content for the floral industry from sites like  My campaign on Adwords can be very expensive for a small growing flower shop, but is required to be in this business right now.  I believe that Google has a responsibility to the consumer and to the independent business owners to monitor this situation carefully and eliminate these spammers from the top search results.

I am seeking either a response or direction to blog or other content regarding your policies online.

Respectfully Yours,

Duane McLennan

Stay tuned and we will see what kind of response I get from Google on this subject and their policies.

Update:  Here is my post about the response from Google.

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