14 Commercials Featuring Flowers

Flowers are an everyday part of life and as such they are often featured in commercials.  I’m not talking about commercials for purchasing flowers, but commercials promoting other types of products.  I came across one of my old cheesy favorites the other day while searching for flowers on YouTube (I’ll save that one for last).  These are just a few that I found and are in no way the definitive list on the subject.

Just for fun, enjoy!


Communication Providers:


While it’s obvious that this commercial is not new.  (Because it doesn’t a person doing something non-sensical like the Old Spice Guy), but AT&T used the “flowers” reference in this commercial to leverage the largest floral holiday of the year, Mother’s Day.




T-Mobile uses raining rose petals in this commercial that was released somewhere in Europe.  I didn’t really feel much like translating the text, but I did notice that the song they used was in english; strange.  Nice of one of the commenters to state that they “would be so happy if it would rain rose petals”.  


This one is great!  Who doesn’t like a Leslie Neilson sketch?  For anyone who hasn’t seen a documentary or read about the Dutch Flower Market, it’s an amazing mix of fresh flowers and fast technology.  It’s housed in the 4th largest building in the world and around 20 million flowers are sold there every day of the year!  It’s likely you’ve seen or possessed flowers from this market at some point in your life.





Microsoft China

In this commercial, Microsoft China is using blooming flowers to help develop an image of nurturing and understanding in the Chinese culture.

Joe Pollack for Congress (Why Not?)


Well, in keeping with the Political theme…  In this commercial, Joe is leveraging a struggling local small business to help his campaign.  It just happens to be a florist!  At least at the end he gets a nice bouquet of flowers.





The Toyota Prius

This one’s actually really cool because there are lots of videos to watch on YouTube if you are interested, but I’ll only include 2 here.  The actual commercial tracks along the lines of being one with nature and humanity and this time features flower people.  The reason I included it, is that along with this ad campaign, they also created something unique by using roadside floral advertising.  A “making of” video is included below.

I’m using the news-brief video, because it’s a little more interesting. (All the florists with greenhouse operations reading this blog can still drool over this one!)




No matter what the event, your florist can help you avoid the pitfalls that can sometimes happen when choosing the right flowers, no matter where you live!



Who better to talk about flower power than Dennis Hopper?  Well he does say that “Flower Power was then” in this ad, but I really beg to differ.  I know he’s talking about flower power in the 60’s, but most don’t know that there have been literally hundreds of studies on the power of flowers for health.  Emotional impact, workplace productivity and even the ability to change that grouchy morning mood!  You can read more about the the New Flower Powerat the About Flowers blog that was developed by the Society of American Florists.



Household Items


Rice Krispies

Here we’ve got Drew Barrymore as a flower girl on her way to a wedding.  We don’t really get to see much flowers until the end when she actually goes to the wedding, but I like her crown of flowers.



In this one we’ve got a bunch of women receiving flowers from their male counterparts.  it looks like the fresh scent of Tide is being compared to the scent of fresh flowers and the feeling you get when receiving flowers?  While I couldn’t agree more that receiving flowers from your florist will definitely create feelings of joy and happiness, I’m not sure that sniffing your shirt will ever have the same effect…



Well.  This one is from Sprite.  


Flowers are often used for camera ads and in the past for ads promoting different types of film.  Flowers are used for both their beauty and contrast of colors in the scene.

JC Penney

Of course, we had to include a Valentine’s Day commercial!  And aren’t those roses just beautiful!

Impulse Body Spray

I have to say that this one is my favorite.  It really annoyed me in my youth, but I felt that I just had to share it!  And one final note.  We strongly encourage the random giving of flowers when you have the IMPULSE!

Thanks for watching.

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