Flowers are Still the Number One Gift for Valentine’s Week

Flowers have been the number one gift for Valentine’s Day for a very long time, and are still at the front of most Men’s minds in 2009.  There are many meanings of different kinds of flowers, and your Winnipeg Florist will have a wide selection available right up until the last minute.

We thought we could offer a few tips for ordering flowers on Valentine’s.

1.  Send Early:
You may have noticed that we are calling it Valentine’s Week.  With Valentine’s Day falling on a Saturday, some of the punch of sending flowers can be lost.  One of the things that women REALLY like is the envy factor.  This really does work.  After delivering flowers to office buildings, hospitals, schools and many more work-place locations, it really does give your loved one a boost when they receive flowers at their place of business.  When they come to the front counter to get them, they strut and smile because it was THEM who got flowers.  So, hence Valentine’s Week.  Here is your opportunity to be a real hero and wow her during the week, and then wow her again on the weekend!  Another great reason to send early, is that some florists out there are putting up special offers for delivery during the week before Valentine’s.  Check with the florist in the city you are sending to, and you might be surprised at how much you save!

2.  Include an Enclosure Card:
This little personal touch is the key to your continued romantic success!  The personalized enclosure card can either float you high, or sink you low.  Adding the right personal touch is so important and let’s her know exactly how you feel.

3.  Order Early:
Whether ordering in Winnipeg, or for any other city, you will find great deals leading up to the week of Valentine’s Day.  Dragonfly Flowers is offering 15% off all pre-orders for delivery any time up to and including Valentine’s Day, and anytime after.  But the offer expires on February 6th!

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