Be a Superhero This Valentines!

You may not think there is anything interesting about delivering flowers on Valentine’s Day, She needs a pick me up at the office!but there are some VERY INTERESTING things about the reactions we see when delivering flowers on this particular holiday.

Valentine’s Week is a great time to bring her out of the doldrums and you have the opportunity to make her the envy of the office!

How often do we get the opportunity to surprise our loved one’s at work?

GroundhoggingI have been delivering flowers on Valentine’s Day for over 10 years and I have to tell you, the most fantastic reaction we get is when we deliver flowers to a woman’s place of work.  Have you ever heard of the term “Groundhogging”?

Groundhogging is the phenomenon that happens in an office environment when something out of the ordinary happens during the day.  It is identified by heads popping over the top of cubicles, or out of the doors of offices.  Flowers being delivered is often one of those occasions!

As florists, we always hope that the reaction of the recipient of our products is a positive one.  I have always enjoyed seeing the smiles and wonderful excited reactions of the recipient when we deliver flowers to the office environment.
Surprise Her With Flowers at the Office
Added to the positive reaction is the envy factor in the work environment.  While not one of our best emotions as human beings, it is still something we can use as men to work our way into the hearts of our loved ones.

This post is about being a Superhero, and Dragonfly Flowers can help you out in that regard!

So we are looking for a positive reaction.  With Valentine’s Day on a Sunday this year, it makes it difficult to get the absolute most out of your flower delivery.  This is why we are suggesting and promoting Valentine’s Day flower deliveries on Thursday and Friday before the long weekend.  Update:  (Wednesday and Thursday 2014)
Be a Superhero!  Send flowers with Dragonfly Flowers of Winnineg.

While it’s up to you to make the commitment, Dragonfly Flowers is here to help you BE A SUPER HERO this Valentine’s Day.  We will be open extended hours on February 12th, 13th and 14th for last minute orders, but we encourage you to take advantage of the WOW at the OFFICE and place your orders to be delivered early in the week,

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