Some Real Florist’s Perspectives on Long Stem Roses

I have been wondering lately if the average consumer really has any idea how long a “Long Stem” rose actually is.  When searching the internet for long stem roses, I have found that it is very unlikely that you will actually find a web site that describes them properly, or actually sells what a Real Retail Florist would define as a long stemmed rose.  A good friend and colleague of ours, Catherine Hillen Rulloda of Anaheim Florist, Avante Gardens has been blogging about roses for some time and has some great descriptions and images on her web site, like the one below.

You can obviously see that Avante Gardens has incredibly beautiful designs, but what is really great about this image, is that it shows the consumer a wonderful array of rose designs and you can really see what actually defines a long stem rose.

Here is a sample of the choices that Retail Florists and drop ship flower providers have from the growers and wholesalers.

Rose Assorted 30cm
Rose Assorted 40cm
Rose Assorted 50cm
Rose Assorted 60cm
Rose Assorted 70cm

Hmmmm.  So, which one is the long stem rose?  The chart below, again provided by Anaheim Florist, Avante Gardens, tells us about the length of the stem, and the size of the buds.

You can see that there is definitely some vast differences in both the size and perceived quality of roses.  Those huge buds that everyone loves to see come from true Premium Long Stem Roses .  When searching for Long Stem Roses online, you will find that even the mighty Google can’t seem get it right.  As always, it is best to find a Floral Professional, wherever you are, or wherever you are sending flowers to.

There are so many great local florists out there like Avante Gardens, and your local retail florist can definitely provide you with the answers you need to make the right decision on your roses, and can help you find the right roses and a great design for whatever occasion you have.

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