Ask and Ye Shall Receive… Flowers!

Free Winnipeg Twitter Follower Flowers

Perhaps it was the weather, or maybe it was because our youngest daughter had her second birthday on Friday, but we felt like giving away some flowers! After a couple of brief messages on Twitter about a local Winnipeg Twitter follower’s birthday… …we determined that the best course of action would be to send out Continue Reading…

Brother’s Taking Mother’s Day Photo – Too Funny!

Brother’s Taking Mother’s Day Photo – Too Funny

  With Mother’s Day fast approaching, I was looking around the internet to see what cool things florists are doing to get ready for the big day, and I came across this funny video!  I think they’ve got “brothers” nailed in this one.  Enjoy….   I think that, just maybe, they should send flowers next year!  ;p Continue Reading…

14 Commercials Featuring Flowers

14 Commercials Featuring Flowers

Flowers are an everyday part of life and as such they are often featured in commercials.  I’m not talking about commercials for purchasing flowers, but commercials promoting other types of products.  I came across one of my old cheesy favorites the other day while searching for flowers on YouTube (I’ll save that one for last).  Continue Reading…

Important Phone Numbers – Mommy Calendar Got it Right!


Just for fun, I thought I would post a pic of a magnetic phone number list I got yesterday with Buffie’s new Mommy Calendar. Along with some really great stickers and room to put appointments for up to 6 people on the calendar, we got a phone list that includes numbers for the family, emergency Continue Reading…

Feel Good Friday!

Feel Good Friday

Hi Everyone!  Today’s post has nothing to do with flowers, but I thought I would share some awesome videos that a couple of florists recently posted on a florists forum we frequent. I hope you enjoy them as much as we did!  

Wedding Bells Ring at Dragonfly


On October 15th, Buffie and I finally tied the knot! In a beautiful ceremony at the Venus Gardens, Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Buffie Reuther and Duane McLennan became husband and wife! We were joined in Las Vegas by family and friends and celebrated for the better part of last week. Being true to the Continue Reading…

In the Doghouse? Go see your local florist!

Living with a florist for almost 10 years has taught me a lot about people getting themselves in the DogHouse and subsequently trying to get out of it! I bet you didn’t know it, but your local florist can be your savoir in many of these instances where you find yourself on the couch, sleeping in the trailer, or Continue Reading…